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The founder of Lainaaja turned to Virtueinfo with a vision and our experienced team made that dream come to reality with an exceptional website that is widely popular amongst lenders and borrowers.



Lainaaja is a marketplace where people can lend and borrow money between each other.The website was an instant hit amongst its users when it was launched in 2010 as both the lenders and borrowers benefitted from it. The lenders got better return for their money and borrowers got lower interest rates.

Client Requirements

We can proudly say that we are one of the main reasons behind Lainaaja enormous success as we were working with the Founder, when he had just an idea of what he wanted. We developed the website from scratch which included web development, web designing and Quality Assurance services.

As money transaction was involved, the client's prime requirement was to build a secure website which can't be hacked. Moreover, there was zero margin for error as even a minor bug could stop an ongoing transaction. They also wanted the website to be as user friendly as possible so that the lenders and borrowers can use the all the website features without any confusion. Another major requirement was the designing part as they wanted the website to look appealing and at the same time trustworthy.

Technology Used

We developed the website using Symfony framework and used cutting edge technologies like jQuery as a JS library and MYSQL as an open source database management system. In order to make the website robust and fast we used XML, PHP/Curl and Euteller.


The following features were developed by our team as per the requirements of client

  • Interest Rate Calculator
  • Multilingual content for users (English and Finnish)
  • Separate login for lenders and borrowers, admin
  • Separate dashboard for borrowers and lenders
  • Rating system according to the credibility of users
  • Feature to apply for two loans at a single time
  • Special statistics dashboard to check the details of loans applied and approved
  • Master admin panel in order to perform lending, borrowing, repayment, approve and reject loans.
  • List of all the lenders and their interest rates as per borrowers loan application
  • Lenders can check how much amount remaining to pay once they start paying instalments.
  • CMS to manage content and change it accordingly.
  • Timely reminders about repayment to the borrower.
  • Used third party credit check services.
  • Used Bank Api for borrower expenses report


The main reason behind Lainaaja's success is it's error free, user friendly and fast website. We at Virtueinfo take pride in developing a website which is not only robust but also without any errors ensuring smooth usage of its features by the users.

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