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How can Virtueinfo help your Company?

Our in-depth industry knowledge and experiences allow us to offer aninnovative and end-to-end solution to lucratively determine our client's challenges even though improving their whole business operations.

We deliver robust web-related software for the healthcareorganizations to offer and correlate the entire service delivery procedures using the modern web technology.

At Virtueinfo, our software is developed to actually integrate all the divisions accelerating to a holistic service access. Our software solutions are tailor-made for those organizations requiring a single system merging all the business procedures to a unique solution with wider expansion.

We help our clients prosper by leveraging our proficiency, unified approach, all-inclusive service beneficence and a validated track record. Virtueinfo delivers highly experienced and trained professionals, robust procedures, restorative workflow engines and outstanding infrastructure, making us a perfect partner for our clients.

Cost-effective and Friendly Healthcare Model

At Virtueinfo, we provide a number of options for delivering services to our clients. We have a financial model working for small to large practices.

Our Process

We assist organizations in managing the daily operations and deal with the bigger issues having a great impact on today’s practices. Our engaged forward-thinking, viable strategies and custom-made solutions using innovation and restoration.

As a healthcare solution service provider, we possess proficiency in enhancing the financial growth and sustainable physician practices by revenue cycle and cash flow, compliance, human resource services, operations, health project management, business-related development,and marketing.

We are different

Our chief differentiators providing us the leverage required in this progressive market to thrive are listed below:

  • We prioritize on the client or employee satisfaction and the financial outcomes on our list of targets that are accomplished easily, thanks to our skilled team of certified noteworthy billing and coding experts.
  • The outstanding leadership of the finest management team and proficient workforce with a superior vision for the detailing process and edge-cutting technology helps Virtueinfo offer the best, reasonable services to the clients with uncompromising quality.

Our Healthcare Solutions

Empower remote care with collaboration

Extensive care

The integrated electronic health records with the video facility for genuine care are coordinated with collaborative measures. This platform precisely integrates your infrastructure with the clinical workflows to deliver excellent and user-friendly remote care.

Video-enriched virtual care

With our pioneering collaborative solutions link up the patients and the health caretakers across the local or the global locations. These face-to-face immersive communication experiences are available whichever place at whatever time on any of the devices.

Patient-engagement experiences

Mobile experiences and engagement with patient

Facilitate your wireless infrastructure to build engaging mobile experiences for the patients. Link up with the patients through the initial stage to the end stage from the simple Wi-fifrom consultation to the post-visit surveys.

Boosted patient engagement and outreach

Augment the response timing, personal service and improve approach for the incoming calls and outreach with Virtueinfo Healthcare Contact Centre. The features are included coherent appointment scheduling, language understanding,and the patient follow-ups.

Clinical workflows

Assembled clinical workflow

Merge your communications, location-based services and wireless mobility solutions linking the health caretakers to the information whenever they require, also delivering navigation, notification,andhigh-quality access.

Location-based services for healthcare

Make it extremely simpler and faster for the healthcare teams to operate with the Virtueinfo Mobility Service Engine. Link up the patients, clinicians, medical devices,and equipment to quickly and effortlessly locate resources and eventually deliver the optimized care.

Critical safety and compliance

Cybersecurity for healthcare sector

Influence our powered cybersecurity architecture founded on integrated web technologies and services assisting you in the detection and blocking of threats on the devices through your network, in the cloud ahead of them destabilizing operations and the patient care.

Safety against Ransomware

Secure your healthcare against Ransomware and further malware threats with our cloud security platform providing the top defense against the internet-based threats. Provided the service it easily protects all your employees, patients and other users in a few minutes.

Secured services in healthcare

Enable the user innovation without web technology or data-risk restrictions. Virtueinfo services assist you in defending your utmost confidential medical data 24/7 to safeguard your clients and company reputation.

Research and Development and Manufacturing

Networking to speed up marketing

Virtueinfo empowers newer ideas in the healthcare sector with web technologies to speed up development, manufacturing optimization and transforming the global supply chain. For better health of the people and engaging patients, Virtueinfo assists medical-device companies and pharmaceuticals to get them market quicker, while linking up processes from the research to the clinical trial and the delivery.

Collaborated Factory and supply chain

Enabling information and the decision flow across our supply chain to rapidly retort to the growing market demands. We provide extensive factory abilities through the networking, wireless safety, physical videos, computing, and communication. Virtueinfo solutions can adaptably back-up the present and future business requirements for device manufacturers and pharmaceuticals.

Significant Energy Management

Manage, monitor and measure each devices’ energy consumption connected to networking system as we assist you to comprehend substantial cost-effectiveness.

Revenue Cycle Management

High-quality RCM and Insurance Billing

Both RCM and Insurance Billing are the most important and tailored solutions to the financial success at Virtueinfo. We provide solutions according to the client’s requirements where we build up effectual workflow processes with trusted revenue streams and high outputs using a hybrid of both automated and manual solutions with a deep understanding of the revenue cycle.


Our healthcare experts would advise you to place your technology tovigor in the most effective way. These expert advisors will assist you in achieving your chosen business and care results, provide support to install and merge the latest solutions and apps in your network and sustain your network and the patient data secured as your organization increases and develops.

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