Our focus lies in making complex functionality apps into simpler, smoother and engaging simple user interfaces.

UI Design Applicability

UI Experience
  • Concept of Usability engineering
  • Experience to Interactive Design
Mobile Compatible Design
  • Designs compatible with smartphone and tablets
  • Platform specific for Android, Windows Phone and iOS
Web-App User Interface Design
  • Compliant with GUI guidelines
  • Application of Heuristic principles
Corporate Branding
  • Guidelines comprising of Branding
  • Unique designing of Logos
User Auditing
  • Auditing through Information Architecture
  • Analyzing sitemap, inventory of content
Designing of Websites
  • Website designing that are adaptive and responsive
  • Web developments and designing for promo sites, e-commerce sites and intranets for organizations.

Principles of UI/UX Design Services and Implementation at Virtueinfo

Having many years of high-end experience, dealt with versatile domain specific businesses and solutions, Virtueinfo have spread its wings mainly on UI core principles and its implementations which enhanced our strengths to effectively merge solution usability and functionalities with the implementation qualities. We constantly ensure the following UI/UX design principles and attributes of every successfully delivered solutions:

  • Easy to use functionalities and accessibility
  • Compatibility through cross-platforms
  • Mastering concepts and uniformity
  • User efforts optimization
  • Alignment of end-user needs and business aims

Mock-ups and Wire framing

Wire framing

Virtueinfo makes best use of wireframing concept as a primary technique for reducing the budget and risks comprising of complex interactive systems development. We mutually follow a different concept like the rapid iterative refinement approach, which acquires essential feedback earlier in the process and diverting all focus towards scenarios, objectives and necessary functionality with fidelity increased levels.

Mockups for Graphics

Our expert team of graphic designers initially start with the iterative process for the development of mockups visual page designs gradually moving forward to the final thoughtful concepts, executed interestingly UIs giving a midas touch.

During this phase, mood boards along with the examples of color palettes, typography and texture are used for defining aesthetics demands and design flows mentioned by customer.

Prototypes with Click functionalities

These prototypes with clickable functionalities developed by Virtueinfo gives broadness to the user for testing complex behaviors or simple elements, prototype interaction in a way as it should be doing with the outcome product.

Putting some extra efforts and time, the desired prototypes are allowing identification of opportunities for the improvement purposes, aligning, most importantly user satisfaction, productivity and profitable outcomes of the end solutions.

Mockups through Proof-of-Concept

With the help of a proof-of-concept (POC) it is easy for us to cover every level of system implementation, demanding, along with prototyping of User Interfaces, engaging software engineers for the purpose of development of a specific piece of functionality.

Virtueinfo’s project team develops POCs effectively and quickly, thus, giving our customers alpha products for testing, final inputs and validation purpose including all stakeholders before handing over all inputs, ideas, planning for production development.

High-End, Idea-to-User Productivity,
Mockup-to-Product Development

Our approach of execution is iterative with complete transparency aiming towards the user-specific design process, initially starting with a detailed use case and customer’s aesthetic preferences examination and integrating all testing phases earlier at the UI prototype phase. During the development phase the Virtueinfo’s aims to deliver as early as possible all functional interfaces to enable space for further improvements and changes, if any. For the smoothness, efficient, fluid and user engaging experiences for end users below are mentioned methods and tools:


Mockup Testing
UI Testing
  • Assessment of Compliance Guidelines
  • Review of Functionality Consistency
Observe and Fell
  • Testing through Cross-Device
  • Testing through Cross-Browser
Usability Testing
  • Cognitive Walkthroughs
  • Control Flow Convenience and Ease-of-Use
  • Accessibility Testing
Acceptance Testing

Teams through Cross-Functionality

UI/UX designers at Virtueinfo collaboratively work closer with the usability testers, product managers, business analysts and developers, highly correlating designed solutions into more widened development processes and tasks for getting a complete 360° view for your project.

Graphic Designer

With the experience they design corporate, highly appealing and detailed designs in line following the design guidelines and in mind feasibility implementation consideration.

QA Engineer

They ensure all usability goals are implemented and executed well, and the desired output produces a compatible, foreseeable, and preferable consequences on the target audience.

Information Architect

Defines well what the people will navigate, react and use the content with the use of information system designing, conceptual prototypes, interaction and navigation scenario design.

Software Engineer

Gathers presentation layers and puts to native, websites and cross-platform solutions to mobile and very complex architectural portal systems.

Business Analyst

They are involved in creation of the base for successful UI experiences with detailed user feedback examination, research and thorough use cases analysis and business goals.

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