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At Virtueinfo, a dedicated development center is a promising model for engagement that is built around optimization of team productivity at peak level, ever-lasting relationships for outsourcing.

Dedicated Teams Managed by Virtueinfo

Is it that you are not prepared to build your own software department, but looking for some dynamic skills completely dedicated to your requirements? Virtueinfo is fully flexible in providing robust set up and systematically managed dedicated teams for high-end fulfilment of your technology-driven requirements. It is on the customer’s preference to select the set of involvement and monitoring of the team, while transparently is assured during the running phase of the project.

Dedicated Teams Managed by

The dedicated team managed by client is the best selection while your ongoing project experiences inevitable demand new technologies, domain-specific expertise or extra resources. The ongoing project supervisioned by your project manager, Virtueinfo's dedicated team of specialists will eventually fill the gaps for your project requirements constantly, essentially and in a budget-friendly manner, showing the synchronization with the well-settled procedures and processes.

Operation and DDC Setup for Offshore



  • Expertise mapping, defining scope
  • Selection of team and screening of candidates
  • Analysis of requirements & needs


  • Defining methodology and process
  • Setting up team
  • Project kick-off
  • Setup of tools, infrastructure and environment
  • Communication processes establishment


  • Adjustment of team size
  • Adjustment and operation review
  • Knowledge sharing and accumulation
  • Productivity maintained and achieved maximum

Something higher than a partnership of Technology

Virtueinfo’s Pool of Extended Proficiency

  • Expertise with accumulated domain-specific
  • Domain experts engaged and niche technology for on-demand basis
  • Processes know-how and methodology of proprietary
  • Industry best practices adoption and technological innovations and monitoring constantly

With Virtueinfo Your Dedicated Team of Experts

  • Your business profound understanding
  • Full visibility & transparency into the progress and smooth communication
  • Hand-picked team of experts suitable for your particular project requirements
  • On demand onsite presence/visits

Engagements Specific

Enablement of DevOps

Virtueinfo does its best to grow more ninjas of DevOps to adapt the delivery automation for many years. Currently, when we observe we feel impressed that how far IT teams with a skilled DevOps approach are advancing and taking businesses as well as organizations. Come and engage a proficient dedicated DevOps team with Virtueinfo to ship, build and run your current IT assets with remarkably well-organized and productivity.

Business Problems with Technology Solutions

Identifying the current requirements for software development, a dedicated development approach, tech assistance or QA team enables the businesses connect to one another for the purpose of shifting priorities and at the initial scope level introducing changes. Virtueinfo completely manages the team by monitoring its productivity against predefined KPIs, assuring most suitable team execution and budget-friendly delivery.

Development of Outsourced Product

Virtueinfo has now high-end experience in setting up development teams for dedicated product and building ecosystems for product development for tech start-ups, high-tech companies and ISVs. Our key principle is to merge together experts with the highest level of degree of the domain specific and technological expertise necessary to bring your technological product to prosperity.

The longest relationship
The largest DDC team

Reason to Select Virtueinfo

Retention of Knowledge

Firmly settled down the accumulated processes of intelligent product knowledge structuring and retention allows Virtueinfo to pass on the overall project experience to new team members and also to the Client as a whole during the delivery of project.

Scalability of Team

Staying connected with Virtueinfo, you can easily start with one available dedicated expert at the same moment, or gather a complete team in lesser time as in 2 – 4 weeks. It is known that we are capable of smoothly scale our team up and down from time-to-time in line along with the project requirements, and feature particular subject matter experts as required on an additional basis.

All under one roof Vendor

Being the full-fledge vendor we provide complete software development services as per requirement, Virtueinfo handles high-end delivery of multi-disciplinary, multi-technology and large-scale projects.

Working Environment in a Dedicated Approach

Virtueinfo has well-organized set of capabilities for the purpose of assigning a partitioned project infrastructure and a dedicated working environment and office space for an assigned dedicated team working for a particular Client.

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