Virtueinfo follows Agile methodologies that focuses on customer satisfaction approach giving their business a result-specific platform. Virtueinfo always looks for the upliftment in the methodology and how it can benefit customer in terms of quality and budget. We have designed the working methodology that is accelerated and boosted by high-end quality approach and a perfect schedule. Our current methodology is well-researched and stimulated with the present industry outcomes that relied on traditional Waterfall model to Agile methodologies approach in practice.

Delivering projects in 360 degree approach with the organized team of experts

We are specialized in working collaboratively in projects with software and non-software companies with expert panels situated in different parts of the world. A well-planned distributive approach enhances teams to give faster top quality results, resulting in the strong agility of the particular business and a capability to improvise high-end thrust of competition along with significant challenges.

Two factors are very vital in the regard of 100% result:

  • Embarking communication mutually and eliminating all sorts of irrelevant approach across the barriers with the factors like distance, time zones languages or traditions.
  • Handling complete dimensions of the software development life-cycle in a distributive approach – requirements, modifications, testing, coding, etc.

Agile Methodology for Distributive Environment

  • It is known that the Agile framework helps to focus on the customer’s requirement and encourages all remotely working team to deliver the top-most priority projects first.
  • Timely reviews ensures the direction of the project and with the feedback the outcome is encapsulated.
  • Constant integration helps to create frequent integration points among all remotely working teams, which enables any issues to be resolved right away.
  • Development of the project with proper testing assures that all the unwanted features that were not mentioned by the customer does not get created.
  • Restructuring strengthens the designs and it also helps the remotely working team to resolve the architectural issues.

Administered Team Patterns at Virtueinfo

Standardized infrastructure
  • Integrated code
  • Single CI server
  • Automated timely builds
Fully alignment
  • Resource alignments
  • Technology alignments
  • Best Practices of Engineering
Evenly Shared community
  • E - project management tool
  • Articles, wikis and blogs
  • Distributed mailing list and folder

Scrum Models evenly distributed

Remote Scrums

Teams are divided across different locations. Possibly do not tend to use Agile methodology.

Apportioned Scrum of Scrums

In different locations cross-functional scrum teams are assigned. They are integrated by a Scrum of Scrums who regularly get engaged in different locations.

Complete Scrum Integration

Scrum team members are assigned to different locations.

Important Advantages You Acquire

Concrete Management of Project and its Process

All our project managers behave as a focal point for all your project-related requirements. The team of project managers are involved in the entire life-cycle to plan the project flow, organize every phases of project development, control and deploy all key milestones at every necessary phases, deliverable according to your project goals. Adding to that all the projects within Virtueinfo is governed by our CTO/CEO, who is responsible for auditing the processes and enforcement, also for measurement of existing processes those are against established metrics and thorough analysis of process improvements and implementation.

Detailed Requirement Analysis

We at Virtueinfo pay utmost attention to the discovery phase to make sure that the final product meets completely the desired expectations and objectives. Our Business Analysts suggest optimistic ways to attain your needs, simultaneously our Project Managers identify the most self-sufficient development methodology for your project and cooperation model, as well as bind the most effective project team, and the tech experts who work on technical feasibility and select the most suitable technologies.

In-depth Quality

We have purposely formed an independent QA department for the better quality and who responsible for providing quality assurance throughout the complete Software Development Life-cycle for every project. Depending upon the project we assign a testing team and define a QA timeline, which helps to optimize involvement and project budget. Though the QA department is independent from the perspective of their duties, our QA experts work in close cooperation with our development team.

Desired Knowledge to Build up

Since our establishment in 2004, we have been well-versed in building up a knowledge base by successfully delivering hundreds of development projects. We have put in practice the best approaches to achieve maximum performance, and the highest quality assurance when delivering the final products, avoiding redundant complexity of business that affects both cost and timelines.

DevOps Approach and Delivery Continuity

We are encouraging DevOps to make sure that the synchronization between development and operations is maintained by paying utmost attention to key pin-points in your DevOps needs and automating high-end delivery processes while ensuring scalability and assurance to secured infrastructure.

Crystalline Communication

Clarity in project enables both you and us to observe whether our workflow is on track to meet the desired goals or are blocked on one or more directions, and remove these blockers. For this reason right from the project launch we agree with you on a communication plan threaded to your needs to work on different levels – from core team to management levels.

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