We enrich most efficient social features into traditional web development solutions, entertain corporate culture with social capabilities, build expert community portals and convert social networking ideas into captivating applications.

Transform your Business into a Brand Social Destination

Virtueinfo strengthens companies to monetize on the frequency of interactions between businesses and potential customers. We believe in integrating a social domain in digital experiences by influencing social media integration, the architecture of participation, social collaboration tools and initializing networking techniques.


Virtueinfo is happy to offer a complete range of solutions adhered to technology that exposes your business to the large social media audiences, starting from very simple social login and integration of social media publishing to complete social CRM solutions used for monitoring, tracking and benchmarking social media correspondence.

Engagement perspective

Connecting external online communities and other crowdsource ideas completely with advanced social networking smooth features, functionalities that add stability to shopping experience, in-network games and some of the customized systems built for network interaction within organization. Virtueinfo also provides support for high-end social media intelligence solutions, user perspective solutions and back-end customized engines for smoothness of the user.

Strategy-Driven Technology Contribution

A perfect tailored strategy for creating shared value requires an efficient technology basics to enable user active participation and contribution. Virtueinfo develops complex platforms that are co-creative and social networking engines that enables user to actively participate through extensions, add-ons, skins, templates, or any other further services or components that are needed.

Community-specific Portals and Social Networking: From ignition of idea to the successful outcome

Our main focus is to provide you a structured framework for innovative social media initial startup projects, conceptualizing or social networking at the center of the outcome and positioning the best development solutions and practices to the business models you desire for.


A proper business analysis and proof-of-concept (POC) development approach utilization expertise enables us to investigate precisely into your ground-level idea or assured fundraising positive outcome.

Proper Design Approach

With the likes of using the latest UX concepts expertise our UX experts and software architects thoroughly work on your project, which assures the unique solution to the complexity giving unique experience across all digital edge-points and smoothly handling the scaling up of loads exponentially.

Business-driven Technology

Virtueinfo is very comfort in evaluating a number of available options to provide you many platforms depending on the requirements, project size and your most preferred technology. For the development of social software, we favour Ruby on Rails, PHP and Python at most of the time.

Real-Time Implementation of Idea

Having successfully delivered number of edged social networking solutions by our expert team, we have set up complete development teams precisely working on the domain specific projects on board to convert your vision into a promising app.

Implementing the concept of Social Dimension to Customer Interactions

Developing on the most-reliable methods of traditional e-Commerce, CRM system or m-Commerce best practices, tools and productive techniques, we assimilate a deeper layer of technology-driven social interactions to fit into the constant increasing customer-based controlled reality.


Virtueinfo completely supports you in developing fully-functional social commerce project or just want to extend your existing application with the functionalities of shopping social media features or group buying. We serve you better to give your business a smart and stable networking capabilities converting to your e-Commerce needs and securely integrating with the payment gateways and any other 3rd party services.

CRM specific to Social

Huge number of customer feedbacks can be gathered from Facebook, Twitter, any other social media platform, people generally use to share their opinions and views. Virtueinfo enables companies to get right social media technology to track, monitor, analyse, measure and improvise their social networking connections and targeting ultimately the best performing social media platform.

Mobile-specific Social Networking Solutions

As we are aware of the fact that web is serving as the prime source for transactions, discovery & research of content, deep browsing and onboarding, social transactions within mobile apps, repetition of engagement, and most specifically irregular, recurrent checking of notifications and updates from time to time.

Fully-equipped with the expertise of core web back-end development and extending it further to cover cross-platform, which maybe Windows, Android and iOS Phone development, Virtueinfo administers diversified mobile social networking projects, starting from mobile-first dating apps to fully-functional correlative to web-based systems.

Social Networking Specific to Enterprise Level

Virtueinfo offers enterprise-specific applications having social capabilities in making connections at organizations more efficiently. We merge long-running portal development expertise with the focus on high-level social collaboration technologies and useful tools to entitle social enterprises from all angles:

Tools built for Productivity
  • Knowledge base
  • Searching functionality
  • Management of Calendar
  • Organizing Surveys/Polls
  • Management of Task
Effective Management of Content
  • Controlling Versions
  • Tagging functionality
  • Sharing of files
  • Merging documents and files
Social Networking
  • Regular updates of Status
  • Timely Notifications
  • Discussion forums
  • Smart Feed
  • Instant Messaging
Advanced Gamification and Evaluation of Team
  • Badges
  • Social Reputation
  • Privileges
  • Voting and comments
  • Ranking
Collaboration of Projects
  • Single page view
  • Tools for work report
  • Projects and groups
  • Cycle for approval
Collaborating Video technology
  • Video calling on Mobile
  • Instant video messaging
  • Video conferencing
  • Webcasting at Enterprise level

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