Virtueinfo has brought up a Quality Management System (QMS) that consists of complex set of managerial and engineering activities to ensure best quality of delivered product throughout the entire process of development workflow.

QMS Priorities and Objectives

  • Detailing and implementation of methods and regulations for complete software development process which is based upon industry standards and best practices;
  • End to end product life-cycle monitoring to ensure acceptance with established methods and guidelines;
  • Methods like verification and validation to maintain quality of product that meets client’s requirements and expectations;
  • Well-structured productive coordination between all project team members.

360° Quality Approach

Thoroughness in Quality Planning

Virtueinfo binds together quality plans that manage the applicable set of methods, guidelines, regulations, standards and tools during the development life-cycle in every project.

High-end Quality Assurance structure

We have formed processes that can evaluate the performance of the project and aim to assure that quality standards are well-maintained and followed whose deliverable are complying with customer objectives.

Strong Hold on Quality

Our expert’s team regularly monitor performance trends to wipe out defective codes, ensure the deliverable are of high quality, complete and correctly executed.

QA Department with self-reliable

Virtueinfo’s QA department is a self-reliable well-structured subdivision. Our team of QA department includes highly skilled QA engineers who are being involved in projects on a dedicated or an on-demand scale. QA engineers are allocated as per project size and complexity. After the allocation it is quite easier to relocate them from one project to another upon necessity. This freedom provides us to put up efforts with an optimistic approach and, thus, the overall project budget. We are happy to inform you that our QA department is responsible for:

360° QA Testing

Reviewing of Codes and Documents

Detailed tracking of Defects

Complete management of Configuration

Thorough Monitoring of Process

Risk Management and identification

QA well-framed into the development cycle

Virtueinfo strongly performs quality assurance process throughout the complete software development life-cycle with the complete involvement of QA team members at each and every stages. At the commencement of each project Lead QA specialist is assigned and also involved into initial business analysis and requirement specification. Such a concurrent communication between development and QA teams provides a better understanding of the project scope and client’s requirements. A precise QA life-cycle followed at Virtueinfo has the following phases:

Initial Stage
and Planning

Complete analysis on project specification, test plan methods and team assigning.

First Outcome

In this stage initial testing of development deliverable, test plan filtration and test items (if required).

Auditing of

Simultaneous testing of intermediate iterations build

Final product verification
and validation

To ensure the 100% quality of product final testing is done and then it is deployed.

We use the complete spectrum of testing methods to ensure that your project undergoes in-depth quality assurance:

  • Functional and Regression Testing;
  • GUI and usability Testing;
  • Accessibility Testing;
  • Compatibility Testing;
  • Performance Testing;
  • Installation/ Configuration Testing;
  • System/ Integration Testing;
  • Security Testing;
  • Internationalization/ Localization Testing;
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

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