We assist companies successfully achieve their targeted revenue growth at ease with the seamless blend of online existence, mobile outreach,and high-level backend abilities.

Progressive solutions for aspiring ecommerce projects

With our grown business perceptive and technical expertise over a decade in eCommerce web development, we have developed into a totally proficient vendor accepting the utmost demanding eCommerce projects. The sectors we execute in comprise ofthe Financial Services, Retail, Professional services, Travel and Leisure, Gamingand Gambling, etc.

eCommerce Web Stores

Virtueinfo provides eCommerce development of web stores, Dropshipping websites and coupons for numerous sorts of products inclusive of consumer goods media distribution and digital assets, customer care, food ordering and business services.

B2C Marketplaces

We originate SaaS-based multi-selling platforms with progressive marketplace functions comprising influential promotional tools, effortless product management, convenient order management, multi-lingual, multi-currency enablement, secured payment gateways, etc.

B2B Trade Networks

Virtueinfo assists qualitative transformed communication and transactions amongst businesses and their trade partners-collaborators, suppliers, subsidiaries and sizeable institutional clients- through thedelivery of trusted and tough technology solutions.

Auction Trade

The technical expertise we possess assists us to solve the utmost demanding tasks for online auction trading, comprising implementing of bidding systems, numerous auction kind of assistance, items configuration voice, real-time operational assistance and video streaming.

E-procurement apps

Virtueinfo delivers E-procurement applications to enable the critical activities through complete steps of the acquisition procedure, from sourcing (quotes, PRF, bidding) throughout contract lifecycle management to acquire-payment procedures.

Ticketing/Booking Platforms

At Virtueinfo, we capably deliver safe, heavy transactions and load-resilient booking and reservation applications along with progressive functions and suave integration with third-party services.

Versatile technical support of your e-Commerce-steered business

Virtueinfo cultivates cutting-edge e-Commerce solutions, whether it is totally-featured systems or defined modules, integrating them your remaining business infrastructure. Our wide-ranging experience in design, development,and maintenance of business management systems empower us to make sure the utmost complete assistance of your e-Commerce focused business.

eCommerce Solution
Corporate Environment
Corporate Accounting Systems
Logistics Management Systems
Inventory Management
Shipping Processing Software
CRM Systems/Call Center
Warehouse Management Software
DMS and Expense Management
ERP Systems

Social Commerce

Virtueinfo assists companies to acquire the social commerce strike and lead the way to profit through the traffic and sales generation chances the social media offers. We enrich your e-Commerce solutions with efficient operational modules and features that spectacularly cut down the purchased track, comprising:

  • Crowdsourcing Enablement
  • 'Buy Now' Widgets
  • Coupons and Sales Promotions Delivery
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Loyalty Trends Monitoring
  • Online Discussions and Visual Sharing

Mobile Optimizing e-Commerce

Whether it's mobile optimization of your present eCommerce website or execution of entire mCommerce function from start, Virtueinfo brings excellent selling experiences and transformative changes to the progressive businesses.

We make sure:

  • Excellent Mobile UI/UX Design
  • Multiplatform Compatibility
  • Perfect Integration with Third Party services and Online Stores

We provide our skills in:

  • Location-based targeting m-Commerce
  • Mobile Content Management
  • Standalone mobile POS solutions
  • Optimized mobile check-out and payment processing

of customers choose to purchase from the brands they followed on social media.


of customers are prepared to be recurring customers if a retailer delivers them with a constant personal customer experience.


of customers happily share their personal information with retailers to receive further targeted offers.

Business Domain in eCommerce at Virtueinfo

Our qualified team focuses on communicative, highly operational custom solution delivery lined up with the supply development attitude, less marketing time and thorough examination of your project objectives to deliver a unique solution for redesign and refactoring of present ones or fresh web stores.

Uninterrupted updates

As we care to deliver the scheduled and demanded solution updates, functional augmentations and visual design upgrades, everything without interrupting your online operations, even though monitoring your business-essential apps will protect you from misplaced sales and unhappy clients and will provide you great support according to your business needs.

Scalable solutions

Our skilled software experts embed technical support for increasing visitors, user accounts, catalog records and transaction volumes by the architectural design stage. For anassured suave solution, development and expansion both horizontally and vertically, we concentrate on multi-leveled eCommerce app development and database optimization/modeling.

360° security

We provide 360° safety attitude comprising software security consultation, PCI DDS pre-certification service and directing secured data and credit card fraud defense issues initially in the development procedure. We validate in-depth consent through OWASP best practices, designs and methods of vulnerability removal for web and mobile related projects.

Integration services

Virtueinfo provides advanced integration services, linking the web frontends to CMS solutions, enterprise management systems, payment gateways, middleware and ESB technology, shipping and logistics, tax calculation, analytic platforms, social networks and whichever software needed to gratify even the advanced high-tech eCommerce –powered requirements.

Multichannel consumer experience

To bridge the gap amongst the in-store and digital experiences, Virtueinfo assists companies todevelop unique linked customer experiences to aid business frameworks in hybrid multichannel attitude. We empower conversion to digital through orders and payments, order satisfaction, visible inventory, point-of-sale execution and delivery channels. We make sure precisely unified experience through online and offline channels on the mobile gadgets with social media also.

  • Search (including in-site)
  • Product details
  • Product review
  • Inventory look-up
  • Store locator
  • FAQ
  • Apps/Mobile web
  • Augmented reality
  • Virtual fitting rooms
  • Location-responsive functions
  • Product accessibility
  • Interactive digital display
  • Internal sales tools
  • Kiosk
  • POS
Call center
  • Customer support
  • Service center
  • Profile-based in-person service
  • Product reviews
  • Loyalty programs

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