At Virtueinfo, we encompass unique aptitude in thecreation of influential cloud-oriented solutions amalgamated with inventive designs. We offer end on services for freshcloud concepts or any type of current applications.

Services we provide

Cloud application development

Our team provides custom cloud application services that focus on public, private and hybrid cloud podiums byusing latest technology and skills powered to achieve success.

Cloud migration services

We offer legacy application migration to thecloud, delivering climbable computing control and empowering your app to get access to flexible infrastructure services according to your business needs.

Amalgamation and assimilation

We facilitate your business in delivering data with no borders by linking apps and data sources through the enterprise environment across the cloud-relatedenterprise middleware outcomes.

Cloud configuring

We provide custom cloud configuring so it reflects your business infrastructure requirements resulting in better scalability, enhanced information recovery and improved use of our app.

Computing paradigms

Software as a service (SaaS)

The custom SaaS applications we develop, allocate a solo, codebase and mutual infrastructure that are congruent throughout all gadgets. As a web-related service, we empower admittance to your application and its operations approving you to arise rapidly and scale eternally to fulfill the customer requirements.

Platform as a service (PaaS)

We turn to PaaS to provide custom numerous occupant apps and services that are self-reliant of a particular podium. Virtueinfo influences the approachable architecture of PaaS to permit integration by legacy apps and varied operations in diverse IT atmospheres.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

Virtueinfo applies IaaS to assist recent organizations with inadequate hardware investment and emerging businesses with unpredictable ultimatum completely outsource hardware purchase, allowing functional expenses, automated vigorous increase and efficiently reducing infrastructure expenses.

Distribution of end-to-end Cloud application

Since we know that all workloads aren’t exactly suitable for cloud, we assist you to recognize and give precedence to the greatest assuring candidates. Therefore, starting our collaboration with a flawless cloud policy, choose a computing paradigm according to your business, provide a confirmation of the concept and finally build a cloud app planned to ascend completely, rapidly and consistently and acquire the pace, scale,and efficacy of your chosen cloud.



  • Plan
  • Cloud choice
  • App valuation
  • Confirm the concept


  • Develop app
  • Test app
  • Integrate app
  • Deploy app


  • Manage app
  • App maintenance and assistance
  • Constant development

Cloud migration at Virtueinfo

We deliver secured, unified and quick app migration to cloud, changing the present software code and executing data incorporation connectors if required. Virtueinfo professionals conduct migration of your databases, apps,and servers to cloud atmospheres so rapidly you can effortlessly take benefit of ascending, cost-effectiveness and cloud computing mobility.




Dev & QA Environ

Benefits crafting a robust business case

At Virtueinfo, we consider cloud is speedily turning out to be the latest normal. While focusing on that, we provide adaptable models to use 3rdparty or secluded cloud podiums to achieve rapid outcomes because of effortlessly accessible infrastructure and receive an edge-cutting competition for your business requirements.

  • Flexibility
  • Pliability
  • Safety
  • Unemployment

Accessible placement models


We provide cloud-related solutions that rely on private cloud framework inside the bodily borders of your company in situations where you require abiding by firm safety and data confidentiality matters, or where the restrictions and safety are superlative since the whole business depends on statistics and core apps. Virtueinfo assists businesses toachieve the advantages of cloud structural design minus abandoning the operations of continuing your personal data centers.


We at Virtueinfo, develop custom hybrid cloud-related solutions formed to level out of your private cloud to the public cloud and retain each feature of your business in the greatest effectual atmosphere likely. We combine both together by influencing 3rd party cloud podiums in whichever a complete or fractional way to present you the benefits of numerous position models, cope some unforeseen gushes in workload and ascended adaptability in computing.


Virtueinfo provides custom apps that are built with determination to execute on public clouds. Our flawless solutions profit from the increasing financial system and accomplish the supreme level of efficacy in common funds with increased requests. We ensure that your app likes the increased ability of your chosen public cloud inclusive of Azure, Rackspace, Amazon, etc.

Enterprise Cloud-related Middleware

We conceptualize the dissimilarities inside varied atmospheres and reveal an even interface for huge scale dispersed systems allowing you for connection, extension and creation of integrated particular procedures through your own enterprise. Our custom cloud-related middleware that acts as a link in-between the applications and the networks facilitates you to safely and strongly serve data and content to the customers or additional server-related solutions to deliver unified data entry or integrated B2B with numerous factor verification and layered safety measures.

Linking Dev and Ops in Cloud

At Virtueinfo, we provide ISV’s with cloud-related automated solutions, covering the whole delivery sequence and enabling consistent deploying software to QA afterward to the making. In bringing your development and operations jointly we also deliver custom outcomes while facilitating initial issue identification and ensuring easy code deployment at whichever time. Let’s facilitate a complete, integrated smooth functioning of the provided solutions by relocating your Dev and Ops to Cloud.

  • Resource regulation management
  • Tracking issues
  • Automated grouping
  • Computerized Testing

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