Virtueinfo provides high end Ruby on Rails development services for start ups as well as for large scale businesses. Our ROR developers ensure quality and quick development resulting in a highly secure and stable output.


Development with MVP

We offer services that offers MVP development using ROR technology. The final product is guaranteed to return high return on investment hence minimizing risks and steadily allowing you to validate your idea of acquiring initial user base.

QA and Auditing of Code

At Virtueinfo, auditing of code is performed by dedicated QA engineers, who also identifies scalability and maintainability issues. We also take special measures to test the security measures of the website and emphasize of immediate resolvement of issues if found.

Assistance and Maintenance

Services like maintenance and assistance for Rails-based application are offered to you after the delivery of the product at a budgeted & well-grounded level. This ensures the regular updating of apps’ gems and framework as well as help in keeping your solution secure 24/7 and constant.


Virtueinfo has expertise in developing custom made Ruby on Rails based solutions for the projects that have minimum timelines and lower budgets. We believe in delivering outstanding enterprise and start up level results at much faster pace, made possible because of our ROR developers vivid and out-of-the-box approach.

Arise. Glow. Reiterate.

Matured Businesses

RoR is used by Virtueinfo for the development of customized large scale enterprise apps. Our apps are made capable to match complex distributed business methods and global channels of transactions. Our Ruby on Rails team are expert in integrating additional functionalities quicker and with more accuracy.


Secure Architecture


The main focus of start ups is on acquiring business through digital medium instead of old school methods and Ruby on Rails can be perfect for them due to its amplified features and high scalability. Also our ROR app developers will assure quality apps with high speed, reasonable budget and minimum risk.


Faster Development

Proficiency in Ruby on Rails

Apps for Business needs

Virtueinfo has a strong business analyst team that can guide businesses in creating large scale apps using ruby on rails. We understand that each business is unique and requires different functionalities and plugins which can take your competition out of the game.

Apps for Entertainment needs

Ruby’s extensible toolchain is used by our team of experts for the development of scalable apps for entertainment with the interesting game-friendly interfaces, with the influence of Chingu, Gosu and G3DRuby for rendering faster graphics accelerated by OpenGL.

Apps for Consumer needs

Our aim is to convert your idea into a huge success by creating engaging consumer apps based on Rails to drive sales and establish communication of your brand, consistently refining customer satisfaction, trust and loyalty.

Business Integration

Our team of Ruby on Rails engineers use customized APIs or 3rd party integrations, mapping systems, spanning social networks, business tools and payment systems.

Integration through 3rd Party tools

Our dedicated team of RoR developers has the capacity to integrate any API virtually into your application that includes legacy SOAP ones. Customized integrations solutions provided by Virtueinfo leaves external API calls outside of the main response/request flow, making sure ultimate performance, and enhance web applications with required 3rd party data.

Building Customized API

Virtueinfo influences Ruby on Rails API for facilitating the use of customized stateless APIs on projects that are Rails-based and roll up functional endpoints for any size of businesses in short span of time. We implement Active Model Serializers to format the output, or JBuilder’s templates in a more complex scenario where the conditions are necessary while serving data-rich responses.


Our team of Ruby on Rails engineers delivers customized backend development for any backend web apps or for websites that are large enough to justify the overall powerful framework. If you are looking for a standardized framework consisting of heavy components than use of ROR is the best choice for backend development. ROR for backend development will also make it easy for the developers as it contains collection of pre-packaged codes making the development easy and quick. We have an experienced team of UI/UX designers who prefers Ruby on Rails because of its highly functional platform.

Mongo Mapper

  • MongoDB

Active Record

  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite
  • MySQL


  • DB2 on i5/OS
  • Informix (IDS)
  • DB2 on Linux/Unix/Windows
  • DB2 on zOS


Resistance of Load

As per the load expected, we provide a classic well-formed architecture designed for smaller apps or bundle Memcached and MySQL so that your Ruby app can handle millions of objects.


Provided with a pre-set of configurations that helps in reducing the number of developer decisions, it is observed that Ruby on Rails is firmly optimized for sustainable productivity out of the box that lets us favouring the convention over configuration.


When you need immensely to scale up the multiple server environments, we boost Rails with Chef and Capistrano which makes it easy for provisioning a new ready-to-run instance in no time.

ROR Development with Virtueinfo


Our team of business analysts locate the complex challenges and your needs


The key gems are handpicked by us, to ideate later on and model them to your app’s features and look


We make sure that your app is met with the standards of contemporary UI/UX practices

Development & QA

Virtueinfo's RoR engineers model your application in increasing order detailing it in agile manner


When the desired application is ready, we assist you in bringing it to the production level

Hire Dedicated RoR Team

Our team of Dedicated RoR experts are well-trained and best-suited for the requirements ranging from mid-to-long engagements. We provide dedicated team services who are proficient in handling complex projects and provide ongoing assistance and maintenance. As we have a large team of more than 20 ROR engineers we can develop even the complex applications and websites within the given time frame. We make sure to provide continuous training about the latest functionalities and happenings related to Ruby so that our client's can benefit from the high quality output. Below are some of the mentioned benefits that you receive by hiring Virtueinfo’s dedicated team:

  • Our ROR team follows Agile Methodology
  • Working with company having experience of more than 14 years
  • Adaptability to work according to the client's time zone
  • Talented and Experienced ROR Developers
  • Each team member pre-screening
  • Regular meetings with clients regarding work progress
  • Immediate Technical assistance via call and mail

years of experience


person-years for largest project


RoR engineers

Stack of Technology

  • Resque
  • RVM
  • Capistrano
  • Unicorn
  • Memcache
  • Passenger
  • Phusion
  • Community Engine
  • Fat Free CRM
  • Spree E-Commerce
  • Refinery CMS
  • Rackspace
  • Heroku
  • AWS
  • MS SQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB

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