All of the software solutions created are not always same. Give flow to your requirements to be handled thoroughly right from the initial stage.

Virtueinfo’s Process of Requirements Engineering Services

Our business analysts together team up with customer representatives, prompting and validating the desired requirements with the help of regular interviews, UI design walkthroughs, or even prototype evaluations. The process of requirements development within the premises covers the following phases:

Defining Scope
  • Thoroughly examining the aims, vision of business and objectives of the revamped or new solution;
  • Reasoning the purpose of developing the project while undertaking;
  • Requirements stakeholders identification
  • Requirements obtaining with the favors of interviews, hands on workshops, groups focused, observations, analysis of documents, etc.
360° Analysis of the Project
  • Thorough analysis with context to generated ideas for the solution, project functionalities, user, requirements of data and business model.
  • Identifying successive rules for business, limitations and quality attributes of the solution.
  • Modelling user interfaces to furnish visual models of the desired solutions.
  • Formation and classification of the requirements;
  • Establishing every individual business, functional or non-functional requirements, user is complete, authentic, achievable, and short, not have any confusions, confirmable and can be set according to priority.
Requirements Validating
  • Requirements for models;
  • Requirements of the testing of the solution;
  • Settling, requirements verification and validating with all stakeholders.
Managing Requirements
  • Requirements management in the context of status tracking of requirements, tracing, version control and change control;
  • Enablement of requirements reutilization and managing risks.


Specifications for Requirements
  • Project manager
  • QA engineer
  • Business analyst

The intact, brief, steady and changeable documentation (objective, scope and vision document, use cases, SRS, etc.) produced by Virtueinfo enables our Clients with a consistent basis for successive planning for projects, UI design and coding structure.

The produced specifications brief as entirely as required the system’s necessary functionalities and behaviors covering under widened terms, required system qualities such as security, performance, and usability, as well as design and implementation limitations.

Design through Technical Approach
  • Software architect
  • QA engineer
  • Business analyst
  • Project manager

Our recommendation is a well-formed, realistic and provide architectural approach to the system’s requirements pertaining technical approach that assures the desired system high performance, reliability, availability, efficiency and scalability. We believe in detailed analysis of all the functional requirements to identify those loopholes which are technically unachievable or extend the budget to implement, suggest the most reliable technology and come up with collectively-considered system architecture.

Mockups based on UI/UX
  • UI/UX expert
  • QA Engineer
  • Business analyst
  • Project manager

Requirements viability demonstration with the help of user interface designs that allows to explore different user interaction techniques and optimize system utilization.

Virtueinfo delivers UI mockups and interactive wireframes that describe screen layouts such as graphics, controls, colors and layout and also the easy navigation structure that include a comprehensive description of elements of screen, behaviors and their properties having different conditions.

Proof-of-Concept/ Working Model
  • Project manager
  • Software engineer
  • Business analyst
  • QA engineer
  • Software architect
  • UI/UX expert

Virtueinfo fabricate models with functionalities and proof-of-concepts that validate, fulfil, solve and assess the accuracy and quality of the generated requirements.

The construction of evolutionary prototypes with the support of production tools well-versed in a production-like operative atmosphere that can be subsequently expanded completely into fully-fledged products with a series of iterations, keeping in mind security as main concern for the timely adjustments early in the project phases.

Open-ended Engagement

Our approach to requirements with respect to business is fragmentary and gradually we convert them into fully-fledged, well-formed, documented production.

Unambiguous Enactment

We are always open to solve deeply defined requirements specifications given by the Client, smoothly converting software requirements into high-quality working solutions.

Agile Implementation

Virtueinfo handles every requirements prioritizing in an agile manner, boosting incremental potentially shippable portions of functionalities deliverables.

Gradual and careful management of Scope

Knowing the fact that, with requirements of software, changes take place concurrently, we boldly manage proactivity of ongoing scope volatility as the project advances.

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