Virtueinfo provides customized Node JS development services that enables the clients to develop applications as per their requirements which will allow them to have a competitive edge against their competitors.

Node JS Development Company

Virtueinfo is one of the leading Node.js development company with experience of more than a decade in providing web and mobile application development services. Our dedicated Node JS developers has expertise of developing fast, secure and real time data streaming Node JS web apps for clients all over the world. Virtueinfo has created many secure and reliable Node JS applications with exceptional UI and UX.

Why Consider Node JS for Development

The main reason behind the success of Node.js is the Node run-time environment which consists of all the components that a developer needs to execute a program which is written in JavaScript. Node JS is an open-source server side runtime environment that runs on the V8 JavaScript runtime engine which converts the JavaScript code into a faster machine code. Node.js runs on single-threaded, non-blocking, asynchronous programming, which is very memory efficient.

Advantages of Using Node JS for Development

Node JS is an open source and hence it eradicates the complexity of coding thus allowing the developers a hassle free environment to work upon.

Node JS runs on the V8 JavaScript runtime engine which enables the applications to run faster.

Most of the Node JS developers write JavaScript using Node JS as it automatically synchronizes data between the client and the server.

For the development of real time applications like chats and gaming, Node.js is the best option as it is widely used to build multi user applications.

Node.js provides the facility of caching single modules so developers don’t have to re-execute the codes as caching allows applications to load the web pages faster.

One of the major advantages of Node JS is that developers can customize and extend Node.js according to the client's requirements.

Node JS Development Services by Virtueinfo

Our dedicated Node JS developers provides below services to clients from various industries

Node JS Application Development

Our talented team of Node.js developers delivers creative and result driven Node.js applications development services taken into consideration each and every requirement of the clients.

Node JS Server Side Development

Virtueinfo prefers Node.js for server-side development as it uses an asynchronous architecture which can be handled easily by JavaScript.

Node JS API Development and Integration

Our developers uses Swagger which is a famous open-source framework that helps to develop a robust RESTful API while at the same time providing an well-designed documentation.

Node JS Ecommerce Development

To develop an ecommerce application our first choice is Node.js as it is fast, secure, scalable and more reliable as compared to other open source platforms.

Node JS CMS Development

For content management system development our Node js developers uses KeystoneJS which is an open source Node.js CMS built on Express and MongoDB.

Node.js Mobile Application Development

Virtueinfo provides real-time, interactive, cross-platform, responsive, and attractive native mobile apps development using Node JS platform.

Node JS Migration Services

To effectively migrate existing applications built on any technology or platform to Node.js, our developers uses Node.js platform and runtime environment.

Node.js Plugin Development

As Node JS is an easy to work platform, we develop plugins that adds additional functionalities to an application thus making it stand out against other applications.

Why prefer Virtueinfo

  • Custom made Node JS applications as per the client's requirement
  • User Friendly websites compatible with all browsers and plugins
  • Dedicated Node JS developers with experience of more than 10 years in development
  • Experience of working with big clients from USA, UK and many other European countries
  • 24x7 client support to attend any client queries urgently
  • Use of Agile Methodology for Development
  • Providing technical assistance via email, chat and call

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