Working successfully since 2004 for complete digital transformation
of the businesses wiping out the pains

Virtueinfo smartly correlates the accumulate subject matter business experience with analysis and using architecture design skills compelling companies to use the latest technology as a prime business source. We perform the best analysis practices, automation and transformation, reconsidering the work style followed in the increasing gap between physical and digital worlds.

Competing Proficiency

Complete management of Portfolios and Projects
  • Timely tracking of expenses, invoicing and billing
  • Unified Resource Scheduling
  • Management of Documents through Collaboration
Precise Management of Business Workflow
  • Matured change and approval management
  • Management of Transactional activities
  • Means of E-Forms
  • Tracking and validating the issues
Successive Knowledge Management
  • Stable management of Communicative channels
  • E-learning and online education
  • High-end analytics
Processes and Case Management
  • End-to-end Automation of Request/Application/Claim
  • Assured compliance and audibility
  • Convenient Management of Resource in the context of processes and cases
Efficient Management of Business Data Flow
  • Data integrations and structured importing/ exporting of data
  • Reporting and enterprise level search
  • Single Centralized Storage

Customized Solutions to Enterprise

Are you searching for end-to-end processes automation that pre-built apps can’t offer? Virtueinfo provides custom base business solutions automating the untouched business processes while completely dominating your existing technological capabilities.

Development of Products Professionally

Concrete level expertise in versatile BPM cases that helps in building software products bringing value to the business with innovation and long-lasting experience to the most demanding customers.

  • Legal Case management
  • Customer Relationship management
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Corporate Communications
  • Partner and Supply Chain Management
  • Field Service Operations

Fundamental Process Automation and Much more

Virtueinfo offers the absolute bunch of services including every phases of business process automation, initially from thorough study of Customer’s business data, processes, cases and systems through the proper structure of solution and implementation to training user, offering complete support and excellent maintenance.

User Business Analysis

  • Defining and designing proper solution architecture
  • Consultation of technology
  • Requirements and objectives initial assessment
  • Processes, existing systems and data assessment

Implementation of Functionalities

  • Complete documentary support of the built functionality
  • Setting and customizing solutions
  • End-to-end testing/UAT
  • Extending the existing IT systems with custom plugins and add-ons
  • Training to end-user and admin

Integrating System and data

  • Integration of data
  • API-based integration
  • Implementing Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

Complete product support and maintenance

  • Migrating to higher product versions and newer platforms
  • Multi-level technical support (monitoring, L1-L3, 24/7)
  • Support to identify bottlenecks, profiling and fixing of productivity faults

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