• Functionality to avail services in multiple cities, multiple centers
  • Frontend use of Angular JS ensuring fast execution of all features
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Online Booking System

The customer wanted Relaxi to be a unique appointment booking system and Virtueinfo was their first and correct choice for building this state of the art product.



Relaxi is a reservation system used to book appointments for massages according to the time slots available. Through Relaxi users can book appointments in multiple cities and can avail the services using a singular id in all the cities.

Client Requirements

Virtueinfo has a long collaboration with the parent company of Relaxi i.e. Nettiaika which is already considered a big name for appointment bookings. Their requirement was to develop a service that provided massages to take care of the common body aches.

Their requirement was quite unique as in other booking systems the users are automatically assigned a fix time which is allocated by the service provider, but in Relaxi they wanted the users to display all the time slots in which the service provider is available and users have the liberty to select timings as per their convenience. Another requirement was to display services as per the time left in the day and not all the services which cannot be completed on that particular day.

Technology Used

The website was developed using Symfony framework and Angular JS. Also cutting edge technologies like JQuery as a JS library and MYSQL as an open source database management system. In order to make the website robust and fast we used Apache, WSSE and Fullcalendar.


The following features were developed by our team as per the requirements of client

  • Scheduling based on first come, first served (FCFS) model
  • Multilingual content for users (English and Finnish)
  • List of service providers according to their availability
  • Generate calendar for current week based on the location selected
  • Log history of the treatment provided
  • Reservation system for cross platform networks
  • Notification sent to client regarding reservation details
  • Single user account accessible for all the cities
  • Multi-location based system that displayed all the available locations
  • Each location selected worked as a separate application
  • Generating individual sales report for each and every location
  • In detail profile of each service provider after the type of service selected
  • Calendar of the service provider generated automatically after they are selected
  • Membership card system that provides each and every user with unique id
  • Feature to display the time slot again in the calendar if an appointment is cancelled on the given time
  • Facility to cancel bookings if done before 24 hours


Relaxi is as user friendly as it gets. The users can very easily select the type of massage, see which service provider is available and select the time accordingly. The revenue of this service has increased day by day and the main reason is it's fast and bug free website which is developed by Virtueinfo.

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