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Heltha turned to Virtueinfo with just an idea and our team build a HIPAA compliance Web portal, iOS Application & Android Application which made it easy for doctors and patients to communicate and get valuable diagnosis.



Heltha provides an Advanced services in fitness and health industry for non-disease clients of any type, who want to keep an eye on their health. It also gives an opportunity to doctors of any level to have a flexible schedule and give consultations to the clients.

Client Requirements

Heltha wanted to develop a large scale website/mobile app with multiple features in it. Also the main challenge was to maintain concurrency in work as all the features were interconnected with each other. They wanted a solid system where all the records of a patient starting from its first consultation, lab tests reports, medicines prescribed to the last consultation are maintained with Hipaa compliance.

Also integration of many third party tools were required as they wanted features like video, chat, call and sms. In addition to that they wanted to build a secure payment gateway as billing charges were according to the minutes spent while consultation. Other features required by them were unlimited secure messaging, centralized medical records and many more.

Technology Used

The website is developed using AngularJS, IONIC, Cordova, Node.js, MongoDB & Kinvey platform. Other technologies included like Flex Microservices, Grunt, Gulp, WebRTC, Calendly and Websocket. For effective patient doctor communication, third party tools like Twilio Video, chat, call, SMS, Virgil Encryption were used. QUEST, PWN is integrated for lab tests & sFax used for secure prescription transmission with pharmacy. PayPal & Authorize.net integration was done for payment & ARB processing, Intercom integrated for customer support.


The following features were developed by our team as per the requirements of client

  • Site developed according to HIPAA Compliance
  • Platform for online doctor video consultations
  • Secure messaging between patient and doctors
  • Storage of all blood tests and prescriptions treatments reports.
  • All the medical reports stored in a centralized location
  • Feature to select customize membership plans that includes discounts, free trials and many more
  • Feature to generate PDF for prescription orders
  • Feature to integrate intercom for customer support on all platforms
  • All the chat messages secured with encryption
  • Feature to make payments securely through PayPal integration
  • Option to go through the doctor's profile and then start consultation
  • Feature to order lab tests directly and get packages according to requirements
  • Feature to ship updated treatments plans of patients at their home every 30 or 60 days
  • Feature to preview lab packages before selecting the appropriate one
  • Use of third party tools like Twilio, Virgil, Calendly etc for enriching the user experience
  • Activities feature with reminder to help user for their health related activity tracking.
  • Detailed medical profile submission that help user to share their data Heltha doctor.
  • Integration with Health application like Health(iOS), Health Mate & Samsung Health for syncing health data that is collected from various tracker and measurement devices.
  • Detailed biomarker wise lab test results presentation with low, normal & high indicators, also downloadable pdf version is provided.


Heltha has become immensely popular because of its feature of consulting a doctor directly without leaving their home. Also selecting lab packages and medicines delivery at doorstep done through the website has made the life of Heltha users easier. We at Virtueinfo are proud of working with team Heltha as apart from providing a user friendly experience to the patients, we are also helping them in getting over their medical issues.

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