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Engajer realised that their users were increasing and they turned to Virtueinfo in order to make the website robust and capable of handling multiple users at a single time.



Engajer is an easy to use online platform that allows you to create and distribute interactive video content while measuring your audience’s engagement levels. As your viewers navigate your engajer, valuable data on their preferences begin to appear, allowing you to decide who to follow up with first.

Client Requirements

The founder of engajer contacted us with the requirement to make changes in the existing website which had very less features in it at that time. The client wanted a more robust website as the idea was to create a platform where more and more people would make interactive videos and share it to the world.

The main feature required was the sharing of videos. They wanted the functionality allowing users to share the videos on all their social media accounts, also an option to email the video to a collection of email ids. Another requirement was the facility to create campaign so that users can share customised information to the world along with the video attached.

Technology Used

We developed the website using Symfony framework, Core PHP and used cutting edge technologies like JQuery as a JS library and MYSQL as an open source database management system. We integrated IBM Watson and Amazon server in order to make the website more user accessible.


The following features were developed by our team as per the requirements of client

  • Facility to login via social media accounts
  • Sharing videos directly on users social media accounts
  • Feature to send users activity reports to admin via email
  • Feature to show most engaged users with the help of graphs
  • Feature to send video to multiple users by selecting their email
  • Feature to check how many emails sent, how many were opened and clicked link rate
  • Special dashboard for admin to check the details of users and who are the most engaged users
  • Feature enabling the user to check their campaign activity included with date and time
  • Live notifications displayed to the admin about users activity
  • Feature to check billing details with date and time
  • Feature to upload existing video and use it in campaign
  • Feature to export report in excel as well as PDF format
  • Feature to choose customized plan according to users requirements
  • Used third party services like SugarCRM, Salesforce and Marketo


Engajer is tremendously popular among users due to its advanced functionalities and user friendly website design. Virtueinfo's developers have worked with supreme efficiency in order to make every functionality easily accessible to the users and provided an output that is praised by all worldwide.

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