• Virtueinfo build a new revamp design for Fenno portal and intra used website.
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Virtueinfo developed a platform for Fenno Optiikka, which offers optician services and branded products with rich features of the Opticians Directory.



Fenno Optiikka provides a one stop destination to find and contact the opticians. It alsoprovides commerce features with a different range of branded optical products. This alsocovers the intranet solution in context with the internal and limited usage within differentopticians and agencies.

Client Requirements

Fenno Optiikka is a chain of opticians formed and owned by Finnish optics entrepreneurs, theywere looking for a solution having two different web products including a public and intranetportal.

Public web should cover opticians and their stores directory. Directory should support mapfeatures to locate the stores and contact details with different user interfaces. In addition itshould also cover the commerce features which should have a variety of the optical productswith a wide range of the attributes covering brands, types, size, price range, genders and colorvariations.

Intranet web should cover catalogue and related search features in context with the internaland limited usage within different opticians and agencies.

Technology Used

The website is developed using Wordpress, MYSQL and Understrap for the front end.Woocommerce is used for commerce features. Google maps are used for map features.


The following features were developed by our team as per the requirements of client

  • Commerce Features using woocommerce
  • Customized attributes and variations for every products
  • Customized product listing with wide range of the search features
  • Customized facets search with ajax features
  • Custom plugins for Store and their listing
  • CE friendly templates to manage front-end views for different set of the pages
  • Feature to locate opticians using google maps
  • Directory support with store and contact details
  • Custom plugins for notifications and announcements


Solution is currently satisfying all the client requirements. Regular updates keeps the site fullysecured and updated. This provides an ease to add new features and extend the currentfeatures.

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