• Web based service easily accessible from Smartphone and Computers
  • Effective audio and video communication integrating 3rd party tools
Web & Enterprise Startup
E-Health Care
Hipaa Compliance
Business Intelligence

Becausehealth is a healthcare start-up based from USA. Virtueinfo are working on becausehealth to build a HIPAA/HL7 compliance service platform for Patients & doctors.



Becausehealth is the best platform for women and men with effective, long-term solutions for common (but often unspoken about) health concerns.

Client Requirements

Idea behind Becausehealth is to create nationwide online and offline whole healthcare startup development, empowering people with a personalized treatment plan to help achieve long-term health. Founder think of whole health as a team sport—we’re committed to health, great care, and leveraging technology to support individual choice and that can’t be bound by a particular profession.

As it is a totally online platform with Premium, accessible care by physicians focused on achieving whole health and wellbeing, starting with treatments for sexual dysfunction.

Technology Used

Healthcare statrup development is build frontend development with total serverless concept using Angular 7, Typescript, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, AWS CI/CD, AWS SQS, AWS SES, AWS CloudWatch, AWS CloudFront, AWS s3, AWS route 53, NodeJS, VPN for thirdparty, AWS Cognito, Amplyfi auth, Twilio Video/Chat, Twilio phone call. Payment processing is done using


The following features were developed by our team as per the requirements of client

  • eCommerce with shopping cart
  • Immunity Covid-19 Support
  • Single procut cart
  • Consultation purchase
  • Monthly & Yearly Subscription
  • Integration of Twilio for effective video communication
  • Used for Twilio for audio call
  • Server less techonology
  • Server less techonology
  • Amplyfi Auth support for secure authentication
  • VPN features
  • Subscription based healthcare system
  • Fully customizable medicine based on lab tests.
  • Bukl purchase functionality
  • HIPAA/HL7 Compliance


Becausehealth is widly famous for customize solutions for men and women where user can maintain fully privacy. Also it has become very trustworthy platform as all patient-provider interactions are secured due to HIPAA/HL7 compliance.

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