Superstars Scorecard

  • Maintain high standards of the Gym by real time rating and feedback from trainees and trainers
  • Fast resolution of issues with realtime negative feedback
Gym Management
Customer review
Fitness trainer

Virtueinfo developed apps and admin for Superstars Scorecard and the app is designed to allow customers to effortlessly provide feedback about their gym experience. This allows gym owners to make the required adjustments to ensure their gym is held to a high standard.



Superstar Scorecard is a review and rating app to the trainer and gym from the Gym goers. It would help the owners to check the quality standards maintained in the gym. Moreover the area to focus can also be designated by feedback analysis.

Client Requirements

App with three levels of users were required - Gym owner,Trainer and Member with different types of features available based on user level. An easy to interact UI is required to enter the ratings for different categories. Moreover, it should be an easily understandable design where all the ratings can be displayed for trainer and owner level.

Technology Used

Mobile apps in Android (Java) and iOS (Objective C) are developed for an informative and attractive interface, and users can navigate with an easy flow of app.


The following features were developed by our team as per the requirements of client

  • All in one app for all three - Gym Members, Gym Trainer and Gym Owners
  • Hierarchical based signup for organized structure of user level
  • Gym members can give ratings to Trainer for different categories
  • Owner can set the time table for the specific gym for week
  • Owner can activate - deactivate the trainer and members
  • Displays the time table for the specific gym of scheduling your week


Scorecard Superstar app was launched on both the platforms where all three types of users can sign up. Members will get different categories where they can rate the trainers, moreover owners can create the time table of the gym for everyone’s visibility. Virtueinfo’s developers have worked with best efficiency in order to make every feature easily accessible to the users and provided an output that is praised worldwide.

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