Virtueinfo creates the custom apps from scratch by grabbing benefits of all aspects that formulate Android- world’s mainly renowned mobile podium.

Our Android development process

App Development

We provide custom- made apps for Android-related mobile gadgets and tablets, while we bring higher merit to your business plan by intensifying its attainment exceeding a billion dynamic gadgets in a viciously cutthroat mobile app marketplace.

Legacy to Android devices

Virtueinfo assists you in boosting your legacy mobile software for superior user experience and transform it into the succeeding generation app for the Android gadgets so as to the lengthy required change results in higher ROI related to your business with an improved workflow.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Using the Android Testing Support Library, Monkey and a varied array of 3rd party testing devices, our Quality Assurance engineers enhance your appquality, ensuring improved user fulfillment and 360 degrees safety and less development period consumed on fixative flaws.

Android maintenance and support

We assure suave functioning and the finest execution for customer and business apps responding rapidly to modifications in your required service level either acting as extended present team or providing the turned-key services.

Android APP solutions

Consistent Business Apps

Virtueinfo assists you to grow your business by sustaining present analytical desktop or web based software with the latest custom Android mobile applications, aimed to persist using preceding investments also capitalize on reach and enlarging workforce output.

mCommerce Apps

Our qualified engineers empower businesses to vend services through the custom mCommerce apps, the powerful Android Pay API. Whether in retail or online operations, we assist you to essentially shift to Android and find money-spinning profits in a short period.

Gaming Apps

Virtueinfo provides technical expertise in developing unique and unforgettable Android games with complicated gaming mechanism and real physics- elasticity, fragility and gravity. We use Play Games SDK to assimilate famous gaming features like leaderboards, achievements and real-time numerous players in your mobile games and tablets.

Android Utility Apps

We develop elegant utility apps that assist the Android devices grasp their utmost prospective making manageable and easy everyday routines. Virtueinfo can assist your business amplify its operational abilities, output and functioning, whether you require supplementary features to the present app or entirely fresh custom utility app.

Cast-supported Media Apps

Media Streaming Applications

Using Google Cast SDK, we provide custom Cast-supported media applications allowing users to stream the video content to the larger screen or recovering an audio stream from cloud and sending it to the speakers by in-built Cast technology letting the gadget exempted from the work-load.


Our qualified developers skillfully control the powerful Game Manager API towards creating spectacular HTML5 games driving on the graphical abilities of Android mobiles and tablets and rendering themselves right towards the screen also synchronizing the players with their gadgets.

Remote Display Applications

Virtueinfo powers Remote Display API towards graphic-intensive, higher bandwidth native gaming and presentation applications permitting users to cast data to the screen is a totally diverse method compared to the one offered on the display on the sender gadgets.

Brillo and Weave with Internet of things

We make things easier and accelerate software development for the Internet of Things with Brillo, efficiently managing gadgets at surmount with wireless updates, crash reporting and metrics. Virtueinfo additionally widens the IoT reach by Weave permitting users in controlling numerous gadgets at home and work both environ by a single app while enlivening the last with the Google Voice Actions.

Backend Integration for Android apps

Our qualified experts manage the backend integrations for practically any kind of Android app, depending on the data and the software in your business or in the 3rd party method. We assemble your apps into beneficial and profitable for your end users through permitting entry to the business data and real-time connection to capitals and your chosen systems irrespective of their kind and location.

Android Development Cycle

Virtueinfo provides an entire cycle of Android development facilities assisting you to convert an ordinary thinking into a well-designed feature-full finest ranked app.

  • Product technique
  • Layout
  • Idea
  • Analysis
  • Develop API
  • Integrate
  • Database designing
  • Frontend development
  • Use of feature
  • Application analytics
  • Tracking
  • App store analytics
  • User Experience
  • Wireframe
  • Prototype
  • User Interface Design
  • Safe Architecture
  • Encrypting
  • Assessing
  • Safety examining
  • Packing
  • Preparing App Store
  • Submitting
  • Feedback and support

Why use Android?


market share


billion active devices


app stores

Java programming language

Stack of Technology

Framework and Components
  • Android SDK
  • Play Games SDK
  • Google Cast SDK
  • Android ANT SDK
  • Titanium
  • Brillo
  • Weave
  • Surface Manager
  • Open GL
  • libc
  • Media Framework
  • WebKit
  • SQLite
  • FreeType
  • SGL
  • Sherlock Action Bar
  • SSL
  • Remote Display API
  • Game Manager API
  • Android Pay API

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