Symfony2 : What’s Difference make it Unique from other frameworks.

First of all Before choosing a framework what expectation we have from framework which we are going to use. framework would be:
  • A Modular enough
  • fast enough
  • well documented enough
  • well known design- pattern enough

All the points which i mentioned above you will find that in each and every framework, Then what is vibrant or popular Features which makes it unique & better instead of any other frameworks.

Well Here is some key notes:- It’s Not Only a Framework :”Symfony is Project”: Its all depend on you that what expectation you have with your website to be fulfilled, with symfony you allowed to choose some component from symfony like “Drupal, PHPBB” or You can embrace complete full stack symfony solution like “Sylius e-Commerce solution” or adept micro -framework from symfony.” Silex “is best fitted example for that. Symfony’s Philosophy “ Don’t Reinvent the wheels”:From the Developer View Symfony is much easier in compare of other php frameworks because of Symfony component are A programmatic set of tools to complete your job done.While Embracing same standard /pattern like Routing Vs.Router, HTTP Foundation Vs. HTTP etc. Ready to Serve “ Library's ”: Symfony is ready with many pre built ,fully functioned library's of symfony projects to include in any Projects like: Assetic: Assetic for Asset Management Framework for PHP.

Basically its a combination of two idea’s:
  • Asset : Files like CSS,Javascripts & image files.
  • Filter : It Applied to Assets (files) before served to browser.
  • Behat : A Behaviour driven development .Based on Idea that you start by writing readable Stories that describes a feature of your Application & These stories can then be auto-tested against your application & then only implement that behaviour or feature in Software.
  • Composer : If You have a project that depends on a number of libraries.or Some of those libraries depend on other libraries.You declare the things you depend on.Composer finds out which versions of which packages need to be installed, and installs them (meaning it downloads them into your project).

Installation “Easier And Speeder” : One of the most important feature symfony2 have its installation process. Simple composer installation & also with github using symfony\component\console. Other framework also having there own console component for installation but there are so many stuffs to done this job.