Quality Process

The nature of projects can be different; We take different approaches to reach optimum quality

A. Automated Testing:

Automated Testing as the name suggests, is performed by means of a program without human involvement. Our QA experts develop scripts that accelerate the process of testing, raise its efficiency, and notify in case of the smallest of failures thereby increasing the general quality of test.

B. User Interface Testing:

User Interface Testing is executed to make certain that the interface meets all requirements of the users and other rudiments of tested product. It intends to make the product intuitively clear for users by means of a variety of signs, prompts and explanatory messages that help to work with the system.

C. Unit Testing:

Unit Testing is foundation on local testing of specific components of the source code. It's a way to make sure their correct behavior before the system integration.

D. Bug Tracking System:

Bug Tracking System is an application that helps out programmers to stick to the reported software bugs in their work And for us to track the speed as well as process followed for resolution

E. Test-Driven Development:

Test-Driven Development is another service of quality assurance for web, software and mobile projects presented by us. The process deception is a reiteration of a short development cycle to bring the program code up to standard. It motivate customer and team confidence in completed code as Test driven development (TDD) leads to development of clear and simple codes.

F. Functional Testing:

Functional Testing is used for inspection whether the product meets the desired specifications and functional requirements stated in the development documentation. Functional testing will prove the quality assurance for web or any other IT product; it will show that the product corresponds with your business idea.

G. Stress Testing:

Stress Testing helps to decide the ability of the program or website to keep a certain level of efficiency under stressful conditions. It also progresses stability of the product, e.g. it can make your website endure immediate high traffic loads.

H. Usability testing:

Usability testing consists of connecting users in the process of product testing. It results in significant data about the real use of the system which assists to increase its usability level and win customers' approval.

I. Compatibility Testing:

Compatibility Testing is used to ensure the consistency of tested products with certain hard and software, operating systems and/or network environments.

The services of quality assurance for software, web and mobile app development projects at Virtueinfo are provided by our expert QA team. Our professionals do their best to make your projects operate perfectly. Every thought of yours will be embodied in a final product according to all the requirements and we are always open to any more testing specifications or suggestions our clients have in mind.