Custom Website Development Company

When people assume ownership and put their best, a growing organization like Virtueinfo cannot afford to facilitate them in a way they are pleased and motivated to produce their best.

It begins with human-friendly development center with ergonomic furniture and other assets such as air conditioner and extends to Virtueinfo continuous investment in R&D projects, refining work systems, establishing operational processes, instilling quality control & audit systems and more.

  • High end development environment
  • Intel i3 or above workstation with minimum 4GB of RAM and bigger sized screens
  • Open system where direct feedback is appreciated
  • Diversified platforms and projects
  • Dedicated conference and discussion rooms
  • Projection facility
  • Refreshment facility
Infrastructure for better client communication

In service industry, if someone asks to name you about one of the most critical business area, it would be communication. Communication is instrumental in providing client support especially when project team members are globally sourced and the project deliverables are met.

Communication infrastructure:
  • Email support
  • Skype / VoIP support
  • Live meeting using tools
  • Basecamp - the most sophisticated project collaboration system available today